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Crossed Paths is the thirtieth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Eight prisoners are present in this stage.

Mission Synopsis

Taking place in a deep forest, the place is littered with beehives, Rebels ambushing on ropes, and Rebels inside bushes. At the end of the second section, there is a forked path. The bottom path leads to the outer layer of the forest and clearing it loops the player back to the beginning of the mission. Jumping to where the image is presenting leads to the top path; it takes place on a bridge above the forest and is the correct path to end the mission. Note that the bottom path has some prisoners to save, so it's best to not avoid the path if going for 100% completion.

Pre-mission Calls


Arriving from Mission 27

Proto 2 decimated. Now acting alone. Proto 2 is unfit for combat in the desert.
Examining battle records for future weapon R & D. Details on Secret Rebel Base have been sent by IHQ. Squad is now forming near you. Meet up with them there.

Arriving from Mission 33

Evac successful! Confirm location and new orders.
Site confirmed. Details on Secret Rebel Base have been sent by IHQ. Squad is now forming near you. Meet up with them there.

Red Eye

Arriving from Mission 24

I’m sorry. I demolished a Rebel tank. Proto 2 is all totaled. The fortress. It’s gone. Where am I?
Don’t worry. You drifted south. Command says the attack’s begun on the fortress. Head for the meeting point with the main squad.
What?! I won’t be the first to invade? Oh, well. C’est la guerre. Off to the meeting point.

Arriving from Mission 29

Boo hoo! Proto 2’s all destroyed. There’s no need for that blimp to hate me! I lost my bearings during my escape. This really sucks! Somebody! If you hear me, please copy!
I told you to go to the harbor! How’d you end up over there? Your current location is the target island. IHQ brass has notified me of their base attack. Make your way to the meeting point, got it?
Hey! Are you serious? I am a spy genius! All I have to do is head for the meeting point. I may not be the first in, but I can dig it!

Arriving from Mission 33

I’ve landed, but are you sure the base is near? I’m in a forest! Ah! A secret base! I get it!
Red Eye! Do you copy? Formal orders tell us to attack the rebel base. You’re near the meeting point… So join up there.
I read you! I’m upset that I won’t be first in, but… Those are orders. Off to the meeting point, I guess!


Completing this mission proceeds to Mission 31 (The Fortress).


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