"A giant one-eye crab shaped robot. Its head and legs can be separated from is body".- Description of Crablops in Metal Slug Defense

Crablops is both the second and third boss from Metal Slug 7.

It also appears as playable unit in Metal Slug Defense, where its official name was revealed


The first time you fight the Crablops. It will use 5 attacks that will always be repeated. The first one is launching rockets towards you, the second one is grabbing a pillar with its claws and then smashing it on the track, the third one is shooting laser from its eye and the last one is launching 2 launch pads that launching the Metal Mole to attack you, These launch pads are placed on your left and right screen, which will block you in. You need to destroy the launch pad on the right side in order to escape or you will be smashed. Apparently, you can't shoot its eye on this stage. You need to shoot the claws in order to defeat it.

However, the stage you fight on is railroad tracks and handy missiles will fly up and attempt to hit him after you shoot them. Assuming it has survived, you'll also have the Slug Trolley.

Sometimes, if he has flames all around him, try using a rocket from a rocket cart and he might be stunned for a while.

The second time, the Crab will separate into two. The rebels will come out on the bottom and if the bazooka soldier is defeated, the turret will rise and fire, shooting shots that arc upward then down. The legs also have boosters to lift it up in the air. The head will be more difficult to fight than the first battle with it. He will still attack with pillars and his plasma beam is replaced with fireballs and 2 plasma balls firing sideways to home in on the player(s) on both sides. No matter which segment you defeat, the robot will still attack you as you go on the lift.


  • Crablops Type-F: Future variant of the current Crablops introduced in Metal Slug Attack in the Guild Ops "Snatch Wars Season 3". Changes was made to it armor (which now is Purple, like the Future Version of R-Shobu), and mainly to it stats.
    • The HP increased significantly.
    • The AP cost is lower than the original variant (the new version cost 1200 AP and the original 1800, both in silver frame).
    • The long range attack is the special one of the original, mole missile, in place of the missiles.
    • The special attack is launching a big amount of lasers, which can increase with Skill 4 unlocked.


  • The first battle with Crablops.
  • Battle with Crablops.
  • The second Battle with Crablops.


  • Crablops's name is combination of the words "Crab" and "Cyclops".
  • This is so far the only boss that appears in 2 different missions rather than one.
  • Before the official name was revealed, fans usually call it as "Crab Mecha".
  • In Metal Slug Defense, The Crablops's body is much larger than it is in Metal Slug 7.
    • In the 1.37.0 patch. The legs of the Crablops was released. In MSD, the legs have a special attack where it is able to attack the enemy with its jet engine, just like The Keesi.
    • The launchers that spawned Metal Moles were originally indestructible, however, in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack, the launchers self destruct after spawning three (Consider the fact that the special spawns two launchers, resulting in six total.)
  • In Metal Slug Attack, the Crablops is featured as the Sunday-Monday boss in the Day Specific Mission. However, after the Crablops is destroyed, its legs are destroyed and it starts its second form with the head only.
    • In "Metal Slug Alice" Extra Ops, Crablops was added as a Rank Reward. Its attacks are the same as Metal Slug Defense, but the needed AP was increased abruptly.
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