The Continue Screen is the place where the player is given the option continue their game.

Main Series

After losing all their lives, the player is given ten seconds (twenty in Metal Slug 6) to continue their game if they have any credits left. Pressing one of the action buttons will speed up the countdown timer. A Heavy Machine Gun will show up during this time for a quick boost. Note that a living second player is able to pick up the weapon as well.

If the player continues, then they are able to select their character within a limited time. The exceptions are:

  • In Metal Slug, Marco will always be the first player's character; the same goes for Tarma for the second player.
  • After defeating Morden in the Hi-Do in Metal Slug 3, the first player's character will become unavailable.
  • During the cutscene before Metal Slug 6's final mission, a character is seen falling down alongside the controlled characters. Whoever joined becomes unselectable.

If a player does not continue, the game ends, unless a second player is still alive, then the game continues as usual for the latter player. Managing to hit the High Score list will allow them to write their initials before ending the game.

A player can insert credits at any time, and the credit counter will not reset when a Game Over occurs. Certain ports of games have limited continues where no extra credits can be gained.

1st Mission and 2nd Mission

Depleting their life meter results in seeing the Game Over screen. There they can select one of the following options. In 1st Mission, if the player collected a Rank Medal at this point, it is then taken away.

  • Retry: Restart from the previous checkpoint at the cost of one continue. In 1st Mission, it takes away ten coins from the coin counter.
  • Save: Makes a save where the player left off and keeps track of any continues left.
  • Rescue (2nd Mission only): Views the list of all rescued POWs in the game.
  • End: Ends the game.

Once the player runs out of continues, the game immediately goes to the title screen.

In 1st Mission, the player can only continue if they have exactly ten coins to pay (e.g. starting the game with five retries gives the player 50 coins). In 2nd Mission, players can gain a continue for every 20,000 point milestone in the mission result screen. The exception is Tequila who has no continues. He instantly goes to the Mission Incomplete screen should he die (he keeps his rescued POWs though).

Metal Slug Advance

Depleting their life meter results in seeing the Game Over screen. Only two options exist:

  • Continue: Restart from the previous checkpoint.
  • Back to Camp: Returns to the main menu.

Any POWs and cards collected will be lost and must be picked up again.

Metal Slug Defense and Attack

In Sortie, Attack, Extra Ops, POW Rescue, and Another Story, whenever the player's base has been destroyed, they are given the option to reset the stage with an AP Max in hand for 30 medals or quit to menu. For beginning players (anyone at or below level 20) in Metal Slug Attack, this option is free of charge.

Note: The timer will not reset and will continue from where it was left off when the player died if they decide to continue.

In any other mode, the game automatically returns to menu.


  • A Rocket Launcher drops when fighting the Tani-Oh. This is the only time where anything other than a Heavy Machine Gun is given.
  • In Metal Slug 6 and 7/XX, the phrase "ARE YOU READY?" briefly appears after selecting a character.
  • In the Xbox port of Metal Slug 3, continuing in single-player mode results on starting the mission from the very beginning rather than on the spot. This does not occur in any other port or game in the series.

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