M17 MS2ndM
is the seventeenth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Red Eye can access this stage. Three prisoners exist in this stage.

Mission Synopsis

Red Eye is given the task to share info to Gimlet. The city has two sides, the outskirts represented by the various sewers and the inner city by the various cafes. To travel from each side means entering one of the many buildings and exiting to the other door. Red Eye, the mission's goal, is found on the bottom-rightmost corner of the city's outskirts. Gimlet is found on the bottom-rightmost corner of the outskirts. Unlike Intelligence, Red Eye starts from the outskirts rather than at the inner city.

Pre-mission Calls

Arrives from Mission 7

This is the checkpoint. Where’s the PF Squad guy? This is Red Eye. Do you copy?
Codename: Gimlet. I’m outside the city. Do you have the info?
Of course! If I didn’t, I would have no business here. I’ll head for your position now. Wait there.

Arrives from Mission 15

This is Red Eye. I’ve confirmed the sighting! It’s an alien! I saw it! A thing like an octopus! And I also destroyed the base’s reactor!
Roger! As for aliens, seems the rebs have revised plans for bio weapons! Get info and go to the checkpoint. And pass it on. Your contact is a PF Squad agent called “Gimlet.”
Bio weapon, ha! That’s an alien. I’m sure of it! Well, maybe… Anyway, I feel like a real agent filing a report… OK! I’m off to the checkpoint with the info!


Completing this mission proceeds to Mission 20 (The Enemy Below).


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