Commando Game

The Commando 1 main menu.

The Commando series is a Metal Slug-style run and gun Flash game by Miniclip. The game takes place during World War II. The player can choose between two different characters, a male or a female, both nameless. Three games on the series have been released so far, sharing many counterparts to Metal Slug.

Comparison with Metal Slug


Commando has a weapon change system like that of Metal Slug 6 and 7 / XX.The graphic style is also very similar. It also features a bonus system like Metal Slug 4. Also, the bosses in Commando borrow some design elements from the Metal Slug bosses.


It differs from the Metal Slug series by introducing a health bar, as well as letting the player choose weapons before playing (in the previous game; however, weapons are only equipped as each level is played).


These games take place during World War II.  Commando 2 is set in Asia, featuring the Imperial Japanese Army as enemies. Many Rebel Army symbols appear in the game as well, despite in fact that the main enemy in this series is the Axis powers on World War II.


There are 36 weapons in the game—10 are available by default, while the rest (bows, machine guns, explosives, etc.) are unlocked by completing missions—which can be equipped on an inventory with six slots. Two of these weapons (a knife and a pistol) are the default weapons, and cannot be removed. Here is a list:

  • 8G-200
  • ALX W30
  • Barreti MC21
  • Big Lester
  • C25 Marrugo
  • Commando sword
  • Cult Commando
  • Cult Commando w/ silencer
  • DA Moonshadow
  • Desert Rat
  • Desert Rat w/ silencer
  • Dominator
  • Dragon Destructor
  • Flame cocktail
  • Giant alligator
  • Glenos-G160
  • Hand grenade
  • Kee-Jerk Terminator
  • Logan-35
  • MC-5 Defender
  • MC-5 Defender w/ silencer
  • MCP-Avenger
  • Metal Driller
  • MK-150
  • Nayberg N830
  • P25-Maisto
  • PA-4514
  • Pequeno-R25
  • Poncho-25
  • Scorpion
  • SE-40 Prowse
  • Stingfire 220
  • The Catcher
  • TI Prescision
  • Ti-Rex M30


All of the Bosses in Commando are based on Metal Slug bosses or characters, or mixed with them.

Appearance Name Description
Sling Raider clear
Sling Raider Based on Iron Nokana
Commando 2 Shape 3803
Kongfu Warrior Based on Allen O'Neil, but fighting with Judo style without any weapon, with his energy ball being based on Hyakutaro's energy ball.
Commando 2 v1-49-5 Shape 5197
Crabocalypse Based on Huge Hermit, with a Dragon Nosuke body on it.
Commando Assault Movie Clip 1422
Hell Bearer Based on The Keesi, with a Big Shiee's giant cannon on it.
Commando 2 Movie Clip 6474
Doomtraxx Based on Iron Nokana
Commando 2 Final Boss Rocket
Warlord Samurai Based on Toschka Dalanue


Each level has its own boss or a mini boss. There are 4 levels (except Commando 3, which has 5 levels), with three difficulty modes: easy, normal and hard. Whenever finishing the last mission in a certain mode, the next difficulty mode is available.


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