Commander Cool

He is like Batman! But he cant fly.... He is like Superman! But he is not immortal. Well ..., he is pretty much the greatest guy to walk the earth.


Commander Cool is a 2D iPhone action Jump'n'Run game release in March 2012. It is a combination of Super Mario Bros & Metal Slug. With very easy to learn controls like a Super Nintendo controller and old school gameplay, you can play as Dave Forbes an aviator to fight in counter the evil.


The Evil is on the rise once again and crosses your plans to finally take a day off. And once again Dave Forbes has to save the world. Armed and equipped with a parachute, he is flown to the battlefields and makes his way through forests, jungles, ice and snow. To make matters worse, soldiers, mercenaries, lots of lasers and canyons are blocking his way. Fortunately, on his way he can find a few treasures and useful items to help him to get through. So let's begin! The world is counting on you .... don't mess it up!

Gameplay & Features

Gamaplay is like Mario Bros but the enemies and player can shoot, with teleporter & parachutes, 35 difficult levels in four unique and different locations around the world & Game Center support with Achievements and Leaderboards.


There are 10 types of enemies.

  1. Jin-Roh Soldiers
  2. General Morden
  3. Tank (Girida-O Variant)
  4. Crazy Mercenary
  5. Laser
  6. Mines
  7. Spikes
  8. Canyons
  9. Abysses
  10. Lava

External Links

Official Site:


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