Navy Commander

MSAUnit Commander (Navy)
Commander (Navy)
MSA rarity Rare
MSD faction Ptolemaic Army 24px Ptolemaic Army
AP cost
MSA dot II 240
MSA dot III 228
MSA dot IV 216
MSA dot V 204
Optimal range
Unit Summoning
Playable since
In-Game Description
"Ptolemaic navy's commander. He attacks by commanding HOVER UNITS(Navy). Supposedly he is feuding with the ordinary commanders."

The Navy Commander is a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack, first appearing in the Extra Ops "Break in the Shell".

A recolored version of the plain Army Commander, the Navy Commander is more combat-orientated compared. As his standard attack, he fires more bullets, but these lack the stun and knockback capability that the Army Commander can use. As his special attack, he sends out a Navy Hover Unit to battle. This Commander can buff the durability and strength of these Hover Units (via MSA Skill small + 3 and 4).

These Navy Hover Units operate differently to their normal ones; they will attack the enemy from afar, and will not leave the battlefield after firing; their pods seemingly replenish their missiles. As their special attack, they shoot out three missiles in rapid succession. Stacking a good amount of Navy Commanders can greatly increase the durability of these Hover Units, and as such, they need to be protected to make maximum usage of them.

When placed in a deck with the Emerald Turtle, they form the "Ptolemaic Navy" team, lowering their AP costs by 10%.


Long Range

Attribute pistol Power Bam (Single) - Fires four rounds from his handgun.


Attribute pistol Navy Sortie Order (Single) - Orders a Navy Hover Unit into the fray (separate unit).


Health Attribute Resistance
Lvl MSA dot I MSA dot II MSA dot III MSA dot IV MSA dot V Attribute pistol
MSA resistance 2-Normal Normal
1 3100 3410 3751 4126 4538
10 4650 5115 5626 6189 6808 Attribute grenade
MSA resistance 2-Normal Normal
20 6200 6820 7502 8252 9077
30 7750 8525 9377 10315 11346 Attribute fire
MSA resistance 1-Increased Increased
40 9300 10230 11253 12378 13616
50 10850 11935 13128 14441 15885 * HP might be increased by skills / items or buffs

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