The Combat School is a special mode present in the Neo Geo CD and PS1 versions of Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, and Metal Slug X. Sophia is the instructor for Metal Slug, and Margaret (Meg) is the instructor for the Metal Slug 2/X.

Enrollment and Discharge

Enrollment begins by selecting Office and then Joining the Army. The player then inputs their name, birthday (from 1900 to 1999), blood type, and sex. Discharging is done by selecting Discharge From Army and choosing the file to delete. The instructor's remarks when leaving depends on the level rank.

The player has to at least complete Mission 1 in Arcade Mission in order to access the Combat School, or Sophia and Margaret will kick the player out to the main menu.


Pin Point Attack

The player is tasked to quickly complete a mission under new rules:

  • Three lives are given to the player regardless of what number of lives were selected in the Options menu.
  • The player is given infinite ammo for picked up weapons (but not grenades, cannons, etc.).
  • The vehicle Slugs' health have all been reduced to one hit point.
  • The timer stops when cinematic events are occurring but not during deaths.


The player has to complete the entire game in one life under new rules:

  • The player is given infinite ammo for picked up weapons (but not grenades, cannons, etc.).
  • The player can transfer their weapons and grenade ammo across missions (not applicable for Metal Slug X).
  • No Slugs are present.

Survival Mode is unlocked when all missions in Arcade Mission are completed. Both modes can be played with two players with each player using their own profile.



Shows the top times for each of the six missions in Pin Point and the longest distance in Survival. Both modes also give total amount of attempts for each.

Top 5

Shows the top five times of each mission and the top five distances between all profiles.

Ranking Table

Players earn points by quickly finishing missions and running far distances. Higher ranks will impress the instructors, and their dialogues change as the rank progresses. To talk to the instructors, the player presses the Square Button (PS1).

Rank Points
Recruit 0 0
Private 20 30
Private 1st Class 40 100
Corporal 60 140
Sergeant 80 170
Staff Sergeant 100 200
Sergeant 1st Class 120 250
Master Sergeant 140 300
Sergeant Major 160 350
Warrant Officer 200 400
Chief Warrant Officer 280 440
2nd Lieutenant 360 470
1st Lieutenant 440 500
Captain 520 540
Major 600 570
Lieutenant Colonel 660 600
Colonel 715 660
Brigadier General 770 770
Major General 825 825
Lieutenant General 880 880
General 935 935
General of the Army 990 990
Super Devil 1000 1000

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