The Combat School is a special mode present in Metal Slug 7 and Metal Slug XX. Cynthia is the instructor for both games.

Enrollment and Discharge

Unlike previous Combat Schools, the player is automatically enrolled to the school. The player cannot enter their own name nor information. The player also cannot discharge from the school unless they delete their data.

Once enrolled, the player can either enter a challenge or have a full conversation with Cynthia. Holding X (DS), Y (Xbox 360/One) or Triangle (PSP) briefly hides the first menu.


The player tackles a set of challenges from a specific mission. Depending on their performance, they earn a rank (S, A, B, and C) and points depending on the rank. The points are locked to the challenge and are given to their maximum amount. When starting a new game, the Mission 1 challenges are unlocked by default; the rest appear once each mission in the Main Mission are completed. Likewise, the survival mode of Metal Slug XX is unlocked by beating all missions in one go (deaths and continues notwithstanding).

Target Elimination

The player is tasked to clear the entire mission. In types A and B, they are given the ability to hold infinite ammo.

  • Type A: Given three lives to complete the mission. An S Rank requires no deaths.
  • Type B: Under one life, they must clear the mission as fast as possible.
  • Type C: Same as Type B, however the player can only use their handgun, grenades, and special attack.

Base Assault

The player is dropped in the boss arena and is tasked to destroy the mission's boss. In types A and B, they are given the ability to hold infinite ammo.

  • Type A: Given three lives to destroy the boss. An S Rank requires no deaths.
  • Type B: Under one life, they must destroy the boss as fast as possible.
  • Type C: Same as Type B, however the player can only use their handgun, grenades, and special attack.

For Challenge 6C, the player fights the Rebel Gigant on foot rather than on the Slug Gigant.

POW Rescue and Item Collection

The player is tasked to rescue all the P.O.W.s or collect almost to every item (including weapons) in the mission. Some P.O.W.s and items are hidden within the background. The challenge ends before entering the boss arena.

Item Collection challenges are exclusive to Metal Slug 7.


Exclusive to Metal Slug XX, the player is tasked to complete the entire game under one life under new rules:

  • The player is given infinite ammo for any weapon they grab.
  • The player keeps their current weapon and grenade supply when moving to the next mission.
  • With the exception of the Slug Gigant, no Slugs are present.
  • The player cannot stock two weapons at once.

The further the player travels the more points they earn, but giving the final blow to the Kraken guarantees the maximum amount of 700 points (the same amount as the seven Item Collection challenges from 7).

Special Training

The player is tasked with unique challenges set in specific locations. The challenges are as follow:

Special 1a
1A: Dodge the falling garbage within the time limit.
Special 1b
1B: Quickly destroy all falling garbage.
Special 1c
1C: Collect the items (including the weapons) inside the garbage.
Special 2a
2A: Quickly destroy the MH-6S Masknells.
Special 2b
2B: Shoot the balls into the two minecarts. In XX, the balls fall at a faster rate.
Special 2c
2C: Transport the ball across the railway system. In XX, the character shoots the ball with the Slug Trolley.
Special 2d
2D: Shoot the minecart to catch the falling balls.
Special 3a
3A: Keep the ball on air until the lift moves all the way up the incline.
Special 3b
3B: Shoot or punch the lift to move it. Any maggots on the lift slows it down.
Special 3c
3C: Survive the elevation. The lift slows down when Rebel soldiers and Laser Drones are on it.
Special 3d
3D: Destroy as much maggots as possible.
Special 4a
4A: Collect the falling fish. Contact with the mushrooms reverses the players controls.
Special 4b
4B: Keep the balls on air.
Special 4c
4C: Kill the Man Eaters, Chariot hives, and Flying Killers using only melee attacks.
Special 5a
5A: Destroy the Pods.
Special 5b
5B: Keep the ball on air while killing the Rebels.
Special 5c
5C: Earn many points in the time limit by staying on air.
Special 6a
6A: Survive the onslaught while in the Slug Gigant while eliminating the Rebel forces.
Special 6b
6B: Shoot as many Rebels within the time limit while jumping off the sinking snow. In XX, the Future Rebels are the targets.
Special 6c
6C: Dodge the sled. More points are given depending how close to the sled the player is prior jumping. In XX, three sleds have to be jumped over.
Special 6d
6D: Similar to 6A, except the Slug Gigant lacks its Vulcan and its shockwave cannons.
Special 7a
7A: Cross the obstacle course. In XX, the player starts closer to the lava, and mushrooms jump at the gaps.
Special 7b
7B: Kill enemies while keeping check on the sinking floor. In XX, the time limit is lowered, and a different enemy set is present.
Special 7c
7C: Collect the items. Touching the frog makes the player automatically jump three times. In XX, exploding mines and mushrooms are also present.

Maximum Point Rundown

Challenge Type M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 M7
Target Elimination A 110 110 110 110 120 120 120
B 140 140 140 140 180 180 180
C 200 200 200 200 200 200 200
POW Rescue 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Item Collection (7 Only) 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Base Assault A 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
B 120 120 120 120 120 120 140
C 180 180 180 180 180 180 200
Special Training A 100 100 100 100 100 100 120
B 100 100 100 100 100 100 120
C 100 100 100 100 100 100 120
D ----- 100 100 ----- ----- 100 -----
Survival (XX Only) 700

Ranking Table

Points in bold changes Cynthia's behavior towards the player. Hitting the GA rank grants the option to marry Cynthia, but her overall dialogue is unaffected by either decision.

Recruit 0 0
PVT 20 ?
PFC 40 ?
CPL 100 ?
SGT 200 ?
SSG 400 ?
PSG 700 ?
MSG 1,000 ?
SGM 1,300 ?
W01 1,600 ?
CWO 2,000 ?
2LT 2,400 ?
LT 2,900 ?
CAP 3,400 ?
MAJ 4,000 ?
LCL 4,600 ?
COL 5,400 ?
BG 6,200 ?
MG 7,100 ?
LG 8,000 ?
GEN 8,900 ?
GA 10,000 ?
SD 10,000


  • Special Training 3D's area is the only location not to appear in Metal Slug 7's Main Mission. Said area is incorporated in Metal Slug XX as Mission 1's alternate route.
  • Similarly, Special Training 5A is the only place where the player can use the Slugnoid Type-B in Metal Slug XX. The Slugnoid Type-B was originally located in Mission 4's Man Eater section in 7 before being replaced by the Ostrich Slug in XX.
  • In Metal Slug XX's combat school, it is necessary to unlock the survival mode before pushing the score to 9300 or above. Otherwise, the marriage proposal dialogue will come prematurely and incompletely. The save file will then become corrupted and non-repairable. This is a bug.
  • Training 1C is buggy. The description says it counts time while it does not. In the XX version, it is even worse. While you may not get any score by picking weapons that are supposed to give you this, points are obtained each time you throw away a weapon and pick it up again. This may be repeated to your heart's content.
  • In the XX edition, in several base assault missions, there is a really quick way to destroy a boss if you choose Leona, Keep pressing the bomb-throwing button while repeating the special attack fast. The former skips the waiting time of the latter, making rapid repetition of this powerful move possible.