Close Combat is the twenty-ninth mission in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Red Eye has access to this stage. One prisoner exists in this mission. This is the last mission with character exclusivity; the nine missions following this one can all be tackled by both characters.

Mission Synopsis

After safely landing, Red Eye boards on the Metal Slug Proto 2 and heads for the South Harbor. Unfortunately, a Rebel Blimp hovers over the Proto 2 and starts firing a large projectile that splits into four smaller pieces. The Blimp is invulnerable but its cannon isn't; shooting the cannon off causes the Blimp to drop bombs instead. As Red Eye is traveling over the broken bridge, the gaps inhabit Rebel Divers attempting to fire their missile onto the Slug or herself.

This mission is an autoscroller that goes from right to left. The Rebel Blimp retreats once Red Eye reaches the left tunnel. The next mission Red Eye heads for depends whether this mission is finished with the Metal Slug Proto 2 or not.

Pre-mission Call

Red Eye has landed! What’s next? Over… If possible, I want to return to my old mission. I saw it! With the flyer! A flying saucer! Those inside were no bio weapons. I can prove it.
Calm down, Red! You’ve got new order from IHQ. Alien life-forms confirmed from data analysis. Contact with the Rebels confirmed. Seems the Rebels are heading for space in a rocket. And the base’s on a northeast isle.
Really? I knew it. I told you so! Alien visitors? Are you serious? Now here’s a howdy do! I’ll start out for the island. As for the launch, I’ll see it will never happen!
Ok, I hear you. Take a chill pill! Take Slug Sub from South Harbor to reach the isle. Be sure to take Metal Slug Proto 2 to the harbor. To the harbor!


  • Mission Complete on Foot: Proceeds to Mission 30 (Crossed Paths).
  • Mission Complete with the Proto 2: Proceeds to Mission 32 (Ocean Depths).


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