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Rebel NCO talking

The Chinese Soldiers are NPCs that appears in the third mission of Metal Slug 6.

Rebel NCO looking around Rebel NCO running Rebel NCO cheering


These soldiers live in an Asian city. However, several IVFOs crashed into the city's heavily populated downtown, causing extensive damage to the buildings and killing and injuring many people. To their horror, the IVFOs contained a bunch of Invaders, who proceeded to attack the already heavily-damaged city.


In-game, the Chinese Soldiers act as NPCs and cannot be harmed. They are seen running from point to point, occasionally pausing for a few seconds. They are sometimes seen in groups, talking to each other.

Some of them can be interacted with. For example, if the player throws a grenade at or near a group that is talking, they will get scared and run away. If only one of them runs away, the other will remain, talking to thin air. In the later part of the mission, one of them will be holding a chicken and a knife. If the player throws a grenade at him, he will get scared and run away. The knife will vanish, but the chicken will drop to the ground, and can be picked up for points.

Their main purpose in-game is to serve as hosts for the Flying Parasites that came out with the Invaders. When they get taken over, their skin become dark purple and their movements slow down.


Even taken over by the Flying Parasites, they are still harmless because they carry no weapons whatsoever. It is the Flying Parasite itself that attacks. When the Flying Parasite is killed, the soldier it was controlling will fall to the ground. When he gets back up, his skin will have turned back to normal, and he will become himself again.


  • Their clothing seems to be inspired by the uniforms of the Red Guards.
  • Sometimes, a Chinese Soldier that has been taken over will throw a grenade at the player. Upon closer inspection, however, you will see that it is the Flying Parasite that pulls out a grenade and hands it to them.
  • The sprites were partially recycled from the Rebel soldier, the Rebel Zombie and the Scientists.
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