Caroline (nicknamed Mechageek) is a new character introduced by Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

A young mechanic within the Ptolemaic Army. She dresses in a manner similar to Dragunov, with the addition of a scarf alongside her engineering gloves and goggles. She first appeared to help Yoshino during MSA's Flying Ace event.

In battle she is accompanied by the "F-502 ShootingRay", a scale model of an aerial Ptolemaic boss encountered by the Regular Army commandos during Metal Slug 5. The smaller ShootingRay is remote controlled, and she directs its attacks using a modified NeoGeo Pocket.

Caroline is teasingly referred to as "the Mechageek" by Yoshino, though she doesn't seem to mind.


Extra Ops

Caroline first appears in the Extra Ops "Flying Ace", where she helps Yoshino in defeating a Dark Monoeye.

Another Story

Caroline first appears in Another Story in "Scrap Life", where the Ptolemaic Army is struggling to find scrap metal (and other materials) due to the Rebel Army holding onto the ruins of the planet. Before the mission started, Caroline was instructed by Dragunov and Yoshino to stay behind since it was a dangerous operation.

Dragunov eventually finds Caroline at the mission site, chastising her for not following instructions. Caroline explains that she had to come because their missions barely brought back any materials for her to work with, and asks what Dragunov is doing. She explains that she is there to capture a secret target, and reveals it as the Big Shiee after Caroline convinces her to.

Yoshino is later informed by Dragunov that Caroline came along and orders her to return to base. Caroline tells her that her Hover Unit crashed so she is unable to. Yoshino later orders Dragunov to take care of Caroline until the mission is over.

The three later encounter the Big Shiee, which is being protected by Allen O'Neil. Caroline is shocked and calls Allen a "monster" when he suddenly gets back up despite all the wounds he has taken. Allen injures Dragunov, prompting Yoshino to attack him while ordering Caroline to take Dragunov to safety. A fair distance away from the battle, Caroline promises to make Dragunov a weapon that is better than the Big Shiee.

Caroline later appears in "Ωmegalpha", where she is continuing her work on the ShootingRay. The one she built fails and she realizes her problem, so she runs off to get materials. She bumps into Scotia Amundsen, and completely unaware of an attack on the base, believes that Scotia is a new recruit due to the scarf she is wearing. She calls herself a "big sister" and takes Scotia around the base before revealing where Ptolemaios is.

Later on in "The Dream of the Prodigious Mechanic", Caroline disobeys Dragunov's orders in order to look at the Crablops. She is spotted by the Rebels, though Dragunov quickly arrives to save her. When she slaps a one-month layoff for disobeying orders, Caroline becomes upset and lashes out at Dragunov, though she quickly realizes her mistake and runs off crying. Yoshino finds her and explains the actions of the Ptolemaic Army, and promises to bring her to see Crablops. Caroline has a few flashbacks regarding how everyone comes to her when they have machine-related issues. When she meets Dragunov again, Dragunov allows her to be the commander against Crablops and they successfully destroy it. As the Ptolemaic Army gathers scraps, Caroline notices a device sending out low information and interprets it as a self-destruct sequence, and orders the Ptolemaics to drop the scraps and run. Her interpretation is true, as the base blows up just as everyone leaves. Caroline agrees to uphold the one month layoff Dragunov has put in place, though she is unable to complete it.


  • In both forms, if the machine Caroline is using is destroyed, she will get angry and "rage quit", leaving the battlefield.



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