Camouflage is the eleventh mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Gimlet has access to this stage. Ten prisoners exist in this mission.

Mission Synopsis

After Gimlet has destroyed the Terrain Carrier, he is tasked to navigate through a forest to reach a Rebel base. Gimlet finds Margaret waiting around on some platforms, which ends the mission. A cave system can be entered by going to the cave found ahead of Margaret or by dropping under the broken bridge near the beginning. Inside the cave is a waterfall with Rebel Divers hidden underwater. Pressing up at the middle of this waterfall gives access to a hidden route.

Pre-mission Call

Terrain Cruiser destroyed. Send next mission.
Roger. Pass through the forest and head to rebel base.


  • Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 14 (Reckless Reactor).
  • Hidden Route: Proceeds to Mission 13 (Hostage Rescue).


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