Breakthrough is the thirty-third mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Mission Synopsis

After the destruction of the Slug Sub in the harbors, Gimlet and Red Eye row their emergency boats across a stream near the city. There are floating mines to jump over, and missile salvos and Rebels are above water to row away at. The player must keep a constant and quick speed in order to jump over the large gaps in-between the waters; hitting the sides sinks Gimlet and Red Eye to their death.

Pre-mission Calls


Slug Sub ruined. Evacuated with emergency escape. Request location confirmation and next orders.
Site confirmed. Move to the checkpoint with pod after evac. You won’t go fast by tapping the buttons blindly. Use the right timing to propel the boat quickly.

Red Eye

Slug Sub’s hit! I’m sinking! I gotta eject! The island’s so close! Rats! I’ll be swept away.
Red Eye? At last I got through! And you’ve just ejected. Pathetic!
I’m sorry, but I must eject. Tell me my orders later. In this current, I’ll really drift off course.
The Slug Sub you took… was going the wrong way anyhow. You’ll drift right to the rebel base. Talk about luck!


Completing this mission proceeds to Mission 30 (Crossed Paths).

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