• JeagerEX12

    Aside from the main protagonists and antagonists who appeared in the main games, but for those characters who are exclusive to MSA, I don't know if some of them are good or evil. I saw some of those character pages in Villains wiki, but not all of them are evil. Not including characters from other SNK games like King of Fighters series. Here's my thoughts.


    Most of the members of the Regular Army are good.

    MS-Alice (Good) - Artificial Intellligence that was created by Marco Rossi.

    Anna Wiese (Good) - One of the Regular Army private.


    Since they are the main antagonist in every game except Metal Slug 5.

    Abigail (Anti-Hero) - She was tasked by Morden to locate Allen Jr. in the desert, but she has a crush on Trevor Spacey. Poss…

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  • JeagerEX12

    That game is much more interesting than the previous MS Defense. Now here's my unit wish list for the game. It also includes those ones from Metal Slug 1st & 2nd Mission that aren't in this game but with remade sprites like what they done to Gimlet and Red Eye.

    UPDATE: The Bura Gariae is confirmed in Metal Slug attack as a guild ops prize for July but it's too bad that it is only a support unit for Amadeus (Doctor). In fact, they putting too many existing female units (except those ones in the main games) in their summer outfits such as Abigail and Dragonuv with their exposing features. At least they made a good one which is Esther, one of the heroes from the Independent faction.


    We got too much Marco, Fio, Ralf, and Clark in the…

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  • Green Hawk 2408


    March 20, 2017 by Green Hawk 2408
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  • Green Hawk 2408

    Art Of War

    March 19, 2017 by Green Hawk 2408
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  • Mcpedit


    September 6, 2016 by Mcpedit

    Hello, here i will post sprites of the MSA exclusive units, enjoy:

    Ripped those just for fun xD

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  • Dimasitho152

    winx club

    June 14, 2016 by Dimasitho152

    Winx Club 

    • Winx Club
      • Bloom
      • Stella
      • Flora
      • Musa
      • Tecna
      • [[Aisha]
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  • KlarkMorrigan

    Wikia Adoption

    March 24, 2016 by KlarkMorrigan

    A question of administration user rights has risen recently. At the moment there is only one bureaucrat that can edit user groups - Omegabrain. However, they had not made any edits in over a year, and so far had not replied. We have an active administrator - Magma Dragoon - but they can assign only moderator rights.

    Given my interest in expanding and organising the Metal Slug Attack section, I want to extend my editing rights. However adoption is best done by somebody who's been around longer and has a bigger "scope". If nobody wants to, I'll have to do it, because there's no way to assign administration rights right now.

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  • Magma Dragoon

    I noticed we have a severe lack of information here (enemies, bosses, etc) on the main spinoff titles, namely the two NGPC games and the 3D title. Is anyone there who could help gather info on these?

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  • Marshallamieron

    The Metal Slug is the famous all known tank in the metal Slug series so far.It is currently has the most variants, including upgrades and one unused Variant.The Metal Slug ( link above) is known by its 16mm barrage vulcan+Powerful recoiling cannon top. This Tank also have a faster variant called the Gold SV-001 aka, The SV-001 type R. Other slugs are

    also based on this object. 

    The following are its variants Categorize each army:
    • Regular Army  and S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S
    1. Regular Variant
    2. Gold SV-001 (SV-001 Type R)
    3. Experimental SV-001
    4. Bronze SV-001
    5. Blue SV-001 (aka SV-001 Type Blue)
    6. Sand Simon
    7. Slug Gunner
    8. Slug Gunner Prototype
    • Rebel Army
    1. Formor
    • Ptolemaic Army
    1. Metal Rear
    2. Black Hound
    3. Ptolemaic Slug
      1. Cannon Variant
      2. Slug Variant

    I'm going to talk about unused stuuff,Many U…

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  • Mastodon205

    greetinps dudes

    July 23, 2010 by Mastodon205

    Hey hey hey guys and Magma Dragoon!

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  • Dbx25


    September 3, 2009 by Dbx25

    Hey I like Metal slug too I have anthology and seven not to mention mobile 3.

    check out my pgs @ cod (call of duty wiki) wiki.

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