The Biker is an enemy in the Metal Slug series.


These Infantry are known as Bikers. They are known to appear from Metal Slug 1-4. They have a usual three types of attacks. Sometimes when encountered they will have a bike cart attached which carrys a variant of the Bazooka Soldier. Though this is the only time they have a attached bike cart. Other times they will will have a large missle, possibly a variant of the Rocket Diver. This missle will detonate when the Biker detonates it, which is usually close to the player. Lastly they will just be found trying to kamikaze into the player, exploding if successful.

Biker Variants


Bazooka Biker: These Bikers will have an attached cart to the bike with a trooper carrying a bazooka, similiar to the Bazooka Rebel but with a different looking bazooka (Perhaps an upgrade of the Rebel Trooper's Bazooka). The driver will continue driving, though most of the time he stops, and as he does, the bazooka trooper will fire in direction of the player.


Fanatic Biker: These bikers will make wheelie move from their bikes, when they aproach to the player they will jump from the bike, trying to crush the player with their bike throwing it, but if they fail, they will be "Suicide Bikers" due the explotion killing them both.


Missile Biker: These bikers are a little more different. They will drive very close to the player, then they will end up detonating the player with a missle similiar to the Rocket Diver's missile. This missile will automatically kill the player if close enough, they can also crash to the player when the missile is popping smoke, killing them both.

RocketRider PMRider Rider

PM Biker: These bikers are ridden by PM Special Forces, and their sidecars seem to use rocket turrets instead, appears only in Metal Slug 5


  • The Rebel Bikers can also be considered Rebel Vehicles Driver, for the bike they drive, and that they are killed in more than one shot.
  • The Rebels driving the Bikers have a different skin color that is slightly darker, possibly showing dust or dirt griming their face from driving so long.
  • Also their suits are darker, maybe is for blend-in with their bikes
  • These Bikers represent old German BMW motorcycles.