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The Big Shiee is the fourth boss from Metal Slug 2/X.

Big Shiee


Big Shiee is a large amphibious tank, designed for traveling on water and land, using its tracks to travel like a conventional tank. It is armed with several 75mm APDS cannons, as well as a large main cannon which is hidden on the front. It effectively serves as a land battleship.


All the side-cannons of the tank will fire 75mm APDS cannon constantly at the player, so you must keep moving all the time while shooting them. Once at least five and sometimes four cannons are taken down, the boss will show its main cannon, a short-barreled huge-caliber weapon which fires a large heavy shell. This cannon is also used on the second boss in MS4 (Toschka Dalanue). If you avoid the the shell and are above it when it explodes, you will be flung into the air which is a perfect opportunity to damage the large cannon with the one on the Metal Slug. 




  • Carrier Big Shiee: Found in the fourth mission of Metal Slug 6 as a background. It looks more realistic and many turrets have been removed for conversion to an aircraft carrier.


  • It was based off from land battleships from the Gundam franchise. There is also more than a passing resemblance to the "Space Battleship Yamato" and the IJN Yamato.
  • Strangely, if the boss uses the main cannon before the small cannons were destroyed, sometimes the cannons explode by themselves.
  • Some fans think that the large cannon on the Big Shiee resembles the main gun on the Metal Slug. This is true, and this is confusing as it can mislead people into thinking the Rebel Army had some sort of idea of using the gun on the Slug. Combine this with the fact that the Belt system on the Girida-O Tank is nearly identical to that of the SV-001, and it is probable that the Rebels had already started utilizing the technology that the Slugs had. But, the Girida-O came before the Slug, so it is unknown. Also, the main gun's shells on the Slug and the Shiee look exactly alike as well.
  • When you defeat Big Shiee in Metal Slug 2/X, the Big Shiee looks like it's sinking. It is possible that Big Shiee was moving on water.
  • The Big Shiee's wheels looks like the Emain Macha's wheels.
  • The turrets used by the Big Shiee resembles the turret of the Japanese cruiser in the World War II.
  • There is a boss from Metal Slug 3D where it shares plenty of similarities with the Big Shiee but is otherwise a different unit with a different layout of weaponry and ship design, not to mention being able to travel on top of and under sand.
  • The Big Shiee appeared in Metal Slug Defense in 1.15.0 update as the Undeployable boss unit. But, in 1.36.0 update, The deployable Version of Big Shiee was released. In this version, the Big Shiee's treads can be clearly seen.
    • In 1.37.0 update. Big Shiee is the toughest deployable unit in a game, With 55,000 HP at level 35, And 60,500 by 10% HP Bonus if all unit in your deck belonged to the Rebel Army.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Attack as a obtainable unit on the extra ops "PIRATES ATTACK. It has the same attacks and stats than its MSD counterpart, except for its speed, which was decreased and its special attack, where the impact area of the bullet was increased. Also, the bullet speed can be increased thanks to its fourth skill.


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