Beatriz is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Like her older sister Abigail, she is an officer of the Rebel Army. She has a cuter dress, and according to her character information, is considered the idol of the Rebel Army. This motivates the soldiers under her command to fight better (which is stated under her bodyguards' infobox). Unlike her sister Abigail, Beatriz is accompanied by multiple soldiers (three bodyguards and two invisible, personal guards). She uses a disposable, hand-held ice cannon that her personal guards carry for her.

Beatriz loves her sister greatly, while disregarding almost everything else in a blunt manner, which Allen Jr. notes. This is the only reason why she was not affected by the Pharaoh's curse.

She enjoys apples and hates carrots, based on her victory sprites. Her summer variant also shows that she is fond of tropical drinks. The Queen's Battle Extra Ops and the SP story shows that she is jealous of Trevor Spacey, due to him taking her sister's attention away from her. It is also revealed that she cannot swim.


Extra Ops

Beatriz first appears in the Extra Ops "Queen's Battle", where she is informed of her sister struggling to defeat the Jupiter Queen, so she and her bodyguards go to assist her.

When she arrives, she helps Abigail destroy the Jupiter Queen. Suddenly, Trevor passes by on a motorbike, causing Abigail to blush, which in turn makes her upset.

While not making an appearance in "Mad Scientists", she is deployed to Navy's lab when the Professor attacks it. Due to being rushed, she forgets her ice cannon, and relies on her bodyguards to help her.

Later on in "Last Resort", she is instructed by her sister to test the Tiger Macha after the events of "Double Face". During the testing phase, she runs into Super Devil Tarma. Not wanting to lose to the Regular Army, she tries to fight, but her bodyguards drag her away as they were just here to test the machine out and that her sister would understand what happened.

Another Story

The Pharaoh Treasure

General Morden instructs Beatriz and Allen Jr. to find the Arabian Tears. The two arrive at the desert and they find the ruins after some arguing. A young girl opens the door and the two follow her. While navigating the ruins, they run into two Mummy Cats who are startled by Allen Jr. due to him being male. They are defeated and Allen Jr. finds a skeleton, with Beatriz presuming that it's Scotia's father. She guesses wrong as its a Mummy Warrior in disguise. After defeating the Mummy Warrior, Beatriz finds both Scotia and Allen Jr. have fallen asleep.

Beatriz later encounters the Pharaoh and demands the Arabian Tear. She vows to make the Pharaoh and his servants be obedient to her and battles them. She defeats the Pharaoh, who is impressed with her heart and allows her to take the tear before falling into slumber. Beatriz also drags Allen Jr. and Scotia back to the surface, where she rants about Allen Jr.'s uselessness. She is also surprised to why Scotia is on the boat at which Allen Jr. reveals he let her on the boat. Beatriz allows her to stay on the boat and brings the jewel to Morden at the conclusion of the events.

The Back You Can't Reach

Upon hearing of a new weapon being developed by the Regular Army, Beatriz and Allen Jr. are assigned to acquire it.

Beatriz is disguised as a wounded girl on the side of the road where the convoy would pass. Roberto spots her and offers her aid, which she accepts to gain his trust. Her bodyguards suddenly appear and apprehend him before bringing her ice cannon. Beatriz proceeds to freeze most of the Regular Army soldiers and seize the new weapon.

The next morning, Beatriz spots the group coming for them again and has her bodyguards toss boulders to squish them. Roberto and Fio manage to repel the attack and wound her, causing her bodyguards to bring her back to base. At the rebel base, Allen Jr. yells at her for bringing the Regular Army to them. She takes Allen Jr.'s controller and uses the Cabrakan to finish them off. Despite this, it is eventually destroyed and she is afraid that she will die and never see her sister again. Allen Jr. yells at her to stop being sentimental and forcefully drags her away to escape.

Everlasting Summer Vacation

Beatriz goes on a vacation with her sister to a tropical island that is neutral ground in the war. She offers her some tropical juice and notices that she is somewhat off. This is due to Abigail detecting Trevor's presence on the island.

When Trevor tries to stop Nadia, the Aikawa sisters and the Ptolemaic officers, Abigail approaches him to offer him aid. Beatriz becomes annoyed towards Trevor due to the attention that he unintentionally takes from her, but helps him in recapturing the Martians. After dealing with the Regular Army, the three find themselves at a brook. Beatriz gets concerned about crossing the brook, but not wanting Trevor to be alone with her sister, decides to cross despite not being able to swim. She gets dragged away by the current, so Trevor dives in and saves her from drowning. Abigail leaves her to be tended to by monkeys that approached them while she and Trevor rescue the remaining Martians.

At the conclusion of this story, Beatriz wakes up and finds herself surrounded by monkeys. She becomes afraid of them and runs off to find her sister, who she eventually finds.




  • Like her sister Abigail, Beatriz has multiple victory animations.
  • She's also referred as "Beatrice" in the game's files.
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