Bazooka soldiers are specialized tank-destroying troops armed with bazookas. They are utilized by the Rebel Army, the Ptolemaic Army and the Future Rebels. They sometimes arrive on the battlefield by parachute, usually laying fire on any enemy soldiers on the ground. Their bazookas fire slow-moving rockets which flash orange, blue and grey, which makes it easier for the player to spot and dodge them.

Bazooka Soldier Types


Bazooka Soldier Corrected

A Rebel Bazooka Soldier on the Walking Locomotive.

Bazooka Soldier: The bazooka soldiers serving under the Rebel Army. They are equipped with bazookas which bear a resemblance to the American M1 Bazooka. They sometimes arrive onto the battlefield by parachute. When given the opportunity to flee they will drop their bazooka and run.


Ptolemaic Bazooka: The bazooka soldiers serving under the Ptolemaic Army. They appear to be equipped with the same type of bazooka the Rebel bazooka soldiers use. Like the Rebel bazooka soldiers, they will sometimes parachute onto the battlefield.


Future Rebel Bazooka: The bazooka soldiers serving under the Future Rebels. Their bazookas bear a resemblance to the American FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher. They don't use parachutes; instead, they use jet packs.

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