Battle cats collaboration event is a special event between MSD and Battle cats. It was released at 6th October 2015.

Units. (Strongest Only)

  1. Teacher Bun Bun

(white*) HP: 47500 (LV:35) AP: 800, Medals: 500

(Black*)HP: 42500 (LV:35) AP: 900, Medals: 500


Black* attack is similar to white* but special is different.

White* attack is its punch will make a small hydrogen bomb with massive power

Black* attack is it will continuously punch for 5 times exactly.

For those who wants to save your medals to buy between these two, I will recommend the Black* one since it can force most of the units to back off and its attack is also good.

The White* one is recommended if your team is in a defensive formation in WI-FI battles.

The information will not be updated since the event has been closed since 2 Nov 2015.

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