The Bats are recurring enemies in the Metal Slug Series.


These bats like to live in dark places like old temples and ruins. They are always found in numbers, and aren't much of a threat. However, some bats carry with them jars with a cursed liquid that turn people into mummies, or a acid that dissolves living organisms instantly. Some bats even carry bombs for massive damage (Only found in Metal Slug Mobile 4).


  • Look for the golden bat, collecting it will worth about 100,000 bonus points.
  • It appears in Metal Slug Defense as a purchasable unit, added in the 1.10.0 update. Also, the golden variant appears as a item to increase event points during some events.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Attack as a unlockable unit on the Guild Shop. The golden variant is a Diamond item equipable to speciffic units.

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