Another Story

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Another Story is a new game mode that was released with the 2.0 update. It is described by SNK as a way to get units from old Extra Ops for players who were unable to get them while that Extra Ops was up.


The player's deck in Another Story have a unique mechanic; the units in that deck must be aligned with the faction that the story belongs to. This means if you are playing the Ptolemaic Army stories, you are restricted to Ptolemaic Army units, such as Yoshino and Caroline. Units from other factions cannot be used in that story.

In addition, the player is also provided a unit that is critical to that storyline. The strength of the provided unit varies depending on the difficulty setting. Team bonuses will affect them if applicable.

Each chapter has four levels, with the last level containing the boss in that story. After the first story in each faction is completed, you can continue on the same story on a higher difficulty or continue to another faction. So if the player wants to try a story on "Hell" difficulty, they would have to beat that chapter on both Normal and Hard first.

Three free tries are given each day, and resets cost 100 Medals.

There are five factions; Regular Army, Rebel Army, Ptolemaic Army, Aliens and Independent factions.

Rewards in the levels include the old Extra Ops unit (and items in some cases), MSP, and some unit parts. Completing levels on normal difficulty award a unit, while completing on hard and hell give medals. A secret ending is unlocked at each chapter by completing that chapter on all difficulties with S Rank. The Extra Ops unit is always the boss of that chapter.


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Currently, there are five stories available: Regular Army, Rebel Army, Ptolemaic Army, the Aliens (added in 2.1.0), and the Independent faction (added in 2.2.0).

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Regular Army

Space Invaders

The Professor appears in a secret location and states that the area is desolate but is close enough to get humans. Meanwhile, Abigail informs General Morden that the aliens have arrived and tells him that she has a plan. Morden allows Abigail to carry out her plan.

Meanwhile Marco, Eri and Tarma are looking for the POWs when their helicopter is attacked. They manage to land and repel the attack, and free a POW. The P.O.W. tells them that while they were battling the Rebel Army, the Space Army came and abducted them. The three make their way to the Rugname, but fall into a trap and are captured by the Professor. Marco wakes up after a short dream where MS-Alice speaks to him. The Professor is excited to meet Marco but leaves to examine Tarma and Eri's memories. Marco breaks free and finds the Professor examining Eri's memory, who plans to use her memories for an unknown purpose. Tarma frees Eri and the two find Marco. The Professor sends the Rugname after them, but is defeated. He states that it is time to go and leaves with the neo Martian. Marco tries to save the prisoners but is restrained by Tarma.

After the incident, Eri states that they managed to rescue 15 of the 26 soldiers. Marco is upset that he was unable to save everyone.

Secret Ending

Tarma and Eri find more prisoners in the secret base, and free one of the POWs. The POW has a dream about protecting his family. Tarma notices Eri cry, which results in her almost killing him as a result.

The Sand Kingdom and the Golden Hero

Eri is in the Arabian ruins. She is surprised to find that the Pharaoh is not around, though it is due to Beatriz defeating him in "The Pharaoh Treasure". Eri notices military footprints on the ground and follows them. At the end, she reaches a large rebel base under construction and Abul Abbas overseeing the work. An Arabian soldier informs him that Assy Nero is low on fuel and reminds him that it consumes a lot quickly, so Abul has the soldier radio headquarters for more fuel. He suddenly smells Eri's presence in the room and orders his soldiers to chase after her.

Rebel soldiers chase Eri, where she rides a camel and prepares to fight them. Eri finds herself outnumbered but suddenly a robot suit appears and drives off the Rebel forces. The man inside the suit tells Eri to lower her weapons. When he reveals himself, the two recognize each other through their nicknames. They properly greet themselves and El Dorado takes Eri around the town, where he is praised by the villagers for driving away Rebel forces. El Dorado explains the town's plight to her and requests to come along to stop the rebels. Eri, not wanting to decline such an offer, accepts his request.

Abul Abbas is later informed of the news and battles El Dorado and the Regular Army but is defeated. He continues to fight despite obviously losing until he is informed that Assy Nero is ready for action, so he leaves. Eri and Fio pursue Abul while El Dorado temporarily leaves to grab something. In the new tunnel, Abul deploys Vita, who sends out devastating laser attacks which could cause the whole tunnel to collapse. El Dorado brings in a Slug Gunner, which surprises Eri as she thought he stole it from the base. El Dorado simply replies that he had acquired and taken good care of it. Vita fights Eri in the Slug Gunner but is defeated. Vita is about to explode when someone calls her, overriding the self-destruct sequence and leaves.

The three chase Abul Abbas, where he is informed that Assy Nero has been refueled. He sends the giant drilling machine at them, only for it to be destroyed in the ensuing battle. Abul calls headquarters, and is responded back to by Abigail. Abigail shows displeasure with Abul being reckless and damaging Assy Nero, so she has the rebel soldiers take all of the equipment back. She also tasks Vita to recover the core engine from the wreckage. Abul begs Vita to save him, but Vita takes a higher priority over the core engine and leaves Abul. Abul begs for mercy, but El Dorado is not forgiving towards him for harming his kingdom. Eri allows El Dorado to do whatever he wants with Abul, and later departs with Fio.

Secret Ending

Rebel Army

The Pharaoh Treasure

General Morden instructs Beatriz and Allen Jr. to find the Arabian Tears. The two arrive at the desert and they find the ruins after some arguing. A young girl opens the door and the two follow her. While navigating the ruins, they run into two Mummy Cats who are startled by Allen Jr. due to him being male. They are defeated and Allen Jr. finds a skeleton, with Beatriz presuming that it's Scotia's father. She guesses wrong as its a Mummy Warrior in disguise. After defeating the Mummy Warrior, Beatriz finds both Scotia and Allen Jr. have fallen asleep.

Beatriz later encounters the Pharaoh and demands the Arabian Tear. She is angered by the Mummy Cat's behavior and prepares to make the Pharaoh and his servants be obedient to her and battles them. She defeats the Pharaoh, who is impressed with her heart and allows her to take the tear before falling into slumber. Beatriz also drags Allen Jr. and Scotia back to the surface, where she rants about Allen Jr.'s uselessness. She is also surprised to why Scotia is on the boat at which Allen Jr. reveals he let her on the boat. Scotia also tells her that she wants the boat to take her to the next set of ruins. Beatriz allows Scotia to stay on the boat and returns to Morden with the jewel in tow.

Secret Ending

Morden thanks Abigail for her sister bringing back the jewel and says that a client wants it. He asks her to oversee the negotiations.

Guilty Child

From "The Pharaoh Treasure", Abigail requests to oversee the negotiations alone. Morden allows her to do so, and before she leaves, Allen O'Neil arrives. Abigail is disturbed by his lack of respect and leaves the room. Morden tells Allen that Abigail will be taking care of the meeting, to which Allen says he won't have to go as a result. Morden tells Allen that he should still go, since he does not want her to be too aggressive towards the Amadeus Syndicate. Allen complies and goes with Abigail.

As Abigail makes her way to meet the client, she gets a report from her soldiers. They tell her that 10 Amadeus robots are headed their way, so she tells the soldiers to prepare for a battle if needed. She then turns her attention to Allen, asking him what he is doing here. Allen tells her indirectly that Morden sent him along. When the Amadeus robots arrive, they start attacking the rebel officers. Abigail orders the infantry to fire on them.

After the failed ambush, Abigail believes the Amadeus Syndicate has betrayed them. Allen points out that if they were going to kill them, they would have sent larger forces. Abigail believes that this is why Allen will never be promoted, though Allen states that he likes to fight alongside his soldiers. The two decide to go to Amadeus headquarters to find out the true cause behind the transgression.

At Amadeus headquarters, an unknown AI talks with an Amadeus robot. She agrees with the robot's logic that they have no free will, and partially reveals the cause of her creation. Out in the field, Abigail is informed that more anti-regular forces are headed their way, and concludes that it is betrayal. Mecha Allens arrive to cause more havoc for them, which enrages Allen since they are imposters of him. Abigail fires on Allen intentionally, causing him to yell at her. Allen battles the Mecha Allens alone.

Allen destroys all the Mecha Allens, though he forgets to leave one more. This Mecha Allen gets possessed by the unknown AI, who taunts them. Assuming that it is just a simple voice modifier, the rebel officers continue to Amadeus headquarters.

As they arrive, a soldier informs her that more anti-regular forces are in their way, which Abigail now recognizes as a full betrayal. They encounter Morden Robots. She destroys the Morden Robots as they belittle Donald Morden; Allen offers to help but she declines it. As with the last encounter, the unknown AI possesses one of the Morden Robots and self-destructs it. Allen shoves her out of the way and takes the hit. She is surprised but tells Allen that she owes him one for this. Allen tells her that he will tell Morden what happened, to which Abigail smirks and gives him a hearty slap on the back.

They later encounter several Amadeus soldiers. Abigail proceeds to punish them for their betrayal, confusing the soldiers. Allen defends the Amadeus Syndicate, telling her that they should punish them accordingly after hearing them out. The soldiers take them to their leader, who greets the officers. The two tell Amadeus of the recent events; when Allen mentions a little girl's voice, Amadeus stops. The unknown AI appears and pleased with how fun the rebel officers are, wants to keep battling them despite Amadeus' protests. She forcibly grabs Amadeus and places him in the Mother Computer, resulting in another fight.

After the battle, White Baby leaves, promising to get better "toys" to fight the officers. Amadeus tries to stop her but is unable to, and tells the rebel officers about White Baby. Abigail vows to destroy White Baby it is a threat to Morden's plans. Amadeus silently agrees, which Allen interprets as a parent being concerned for their child.

Secret Ending

Morden praises Allen for his work, confusing Allen. He informs him that Abigail told him that while Allen is a moron, he makes a good shield, which Allen interprets as praise. Abigail comes in for their meeting and immediately starts disciplining Allen for his improper attitude towards the General. She also tells him that she saw his son and is ashamed that he takes to him, prompting Allen to threaten her, while Morden sighs at them.

Ptolemaic Army

Scrap Life

Yoshino and Dragunov are leading an operation to capture a Rebel Army battleship, the Big Shiee. After taking out the initial defenses, Dragunov finds that Caroline came along and chastises her for coming on a dangerous mission. Caroline tells her that she only came because the raids haven't been bringing much for her. When Dragunov informs Yoshino of this, she asks Caroline to go back, but she tells her that her Hover Unit crashed. Yoshino tells Dragunov to protect Caroline until the mission is over.

Yoshino, who had been advancing ahead of the main group, is spotted by Abul Abbas. She easily defeats him and is informed by Dragunov that their main target is moving. She saves Abul and threatens to kill him if she sees him again. Yoshino makes her way to Dragunov and they find that Allen O'Neil is with the battleship. The two Ptolemaic commanders decide to blow up the ship if they can't capture it. After the battle, Caroline believes that Allen is dead, but much to her shock, he gets back up again and shoots Dragunov. Yoshino battles Allen and orders Caroline to take Dragunov to safety.

Away from the scene of the battle, Dragunov vows vengeance on Allen and is upset they couldn't capture the Big Shiee. Caroline promises to make a battleship better than the Big Shiee. Dragunov reminds her that they need to salvage materials first before they can do so. Caroline is worried with Yoshino's safety, while Dragunov has another debt to repay to Yoshino again.

Secret Ending

Caroline builds the ShootingRay and presents it to Dragunov and Yoshino in a hidden location.

The Dream of the Prodigious Mechanic

Dragunov leads an infiltration mission to get information with the Rebel Army's new machines. When she returns, Caroline is intrigued by each one, but one of them stands out from the rest; "Crablops". She wants to visit it, but Dragunov forbids her from doing so. Regardless, she disobeys her orders, which Dragunov and Yoshino are made aware of.

Caroline makes her way to the facility but is spotted. Dragunov saves her, and after the battle, reprimands Caroline for her reckless actions and gives her a one month layoff, and that any further attempts will mean dismissal from the army. Caroline is upset and lashes out at Dragunov before realizing what she did wrong, and leaves crying.

Yoshino later finds Caroline and assures her that they will get Crablops for her. They encounter Shoe and Karn, which Yoshino dispatches of easily, alongside the numerous rebel reinforcements. After the battle, Yoshino directs the remaining soldiers to help Caroline. She tells her that when they go to steal scraps and other items, they are willingly there and that risks are taken.

In a flashback, Ptolemaic soldiers praise Caroline for her machines. When a second soldier arrives for more gunner units, Caroline notes that his partner is not there. The soldier quickly bluffs and said that his partner quit and returned to the family business. In another flashback, Dragunov requests Caroline to fix a hover unit. In the present, Dragunov comes to respect Caroline's decisions and allows her to be the commander of the battle against Crablops. After the battle, Dragunov orders the soldiers to start collecting any useful scraps from the remains of Crablops. Caroline notices a device sending low information, then suddenly gets a vision. Caroline interprets from this vision that Crablops will self-destruct and orders everyone to drop all of its scraps and leave. Her vision is correct, as the base explodes; either the Crablops self-destructed, or Regular/Rebel armies bombed the base. Dragunov is happy with Caroline's progression and Yoshino wonders what she will be like after the layoff.

Secret Ending

Caroline pleads with Dragunov for a monkey wrench, which she refuses to give as the layoff is still in effect. Yoshino teases Dragunov about how "some people" never change.



The Red Goblin has a nightmare relating to Ptolemaios' betrayal of the Red Goblin society. He is woken up by Scotia Amundsen, who is then chastised by Vatn for disturbing his privacy. Vatn proceeds and explains that the three of them are after Ptolemaios for their own reasons; Vatn was hired by a village to investigate noisy ghosts that were related to Ptolemaios, Scotia wants to talk to him so she can ask where her father is, and the Red Goblin has his own issues with him. He states that he will attack their base with his many automated turrets to bring out as much soldiers and commandos as possible, and has Scotia try to find Ptolemaios and the Red Goblin cause havoc inside the base.

Vatn proceeds with his attack on the Ptolemaic base and causes havoc. Dragunov arrives and confronts Vatn, ordering the Ptolemaic raid team to destroy his turrets to lessen the damage on their base. She is aware that Vatn is not alone but is unable to do anything since Yoshino is not here.

Inside the base, Caroline tries her new ShootingRay but it fails, and has a new idea. Scotia calls Caroline weird and makes her way out, but is discovered by her. Caroline believes that Scotia is a new recruit, due to the scarf she is wearing. Scotia tells her that she is looking for Ptolemaios, to which Caroline remarks that he is "creepy", but will help her after they eat and rest, much to Scotia's protests.

Elsewhere, the Red Goblin and Machyna, his drone, destroy surveillance cameras around the base. Two Special Forces soldiers appear and are ambushed by the duo. Their attempt is in vain, since they don't know where Ptolemaios is. Yoshino ambushes the two, already aware of their intentions since the base isn't heavily damaged. Yoshino notices the Red Goblin's injury, to which the Red Goblin replies that it didn't come from the Ptolemaics. Yoshino battles the Red Goblin but is defeated. Scotia informs the Red Goblin that she has located Ptolemaios but is unable to get there because she is stuck. The Red Goblin warns Yoshino not to follow him as he has no grudges with her before leaving.

Ptolemaios encounters the Red Goblin again and their battle resumes. Ptolemaios believes that the Red Goblin is astray due to believing in hopes and dreams, which he finds absurd. Before dying, he tells the Red Goblin that his words were the destruction of the Red Goblin society, and that it is not too late to join him. He also warns that as long as he continues to hold onto his hopes and dreams, he will go to his death. With the base heavily damaged by mysterious forces and with high casualties including two commanders (Possibly Dragunov and Yoshino), the Ptolemaic Army goes astray due to the disappearance of Ptolemaios.

Secret Ending

Vatn calls his client and tells him that he has completed his task. The client confirms that there are no more ghosts and asks Vatn to stay, but he politely declines the offer, saying that he doesn't like to lying around and tells the client to call him again if another issue comes up. Machyna asks the Red Goblin where they will go now, and he says that could be a priest so a resurrection ceremony might take place. Vatn remarks about how the past has captured the Red Goblin and is unsure of how to deal with him.


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