(MSA Unit)

MSAUnit Aisha
MSA rarity Super Rare
MSD faction Rebel Army 24px Rebel Army
AP cost
MSA dot III 180
MSA dot IV 162
MSA dot V 144
Optimal range
Playable since
In-Game Description
A new face of the Arabian rebellion. She shares Abul Abbas's dream and joined the fight of her own volition. An expert at swordplay and dancing, she's far greater fighter than she looks. She's quick to jump to conclusions and impulsive which causes problems for those around her.

Aisha is a playable unit in Metal Slug Attack, first appearing in the Extra Ops "Dancing Brave". Parts could be obtained from her limited Box Crank.

One of Abul's soldiers, she's a dancer that uses her scimitar and nimble movements to attack enemies. She's one of the cheapest Super Rare units in-game, with a starting cost of 180 AP. Her high speed also makes her ideal for rushing with the Elite Arabian Fighter and Elite Arabian Camel Rider.

While she does have very low AP and high speed, she's often considered one of the worst box units in-game, as her evasion can activate very quickly (compared to other evaders) - this is also a standard evasion, so she does not counter-attack, something which Shizuka and Yoshino are capable of doing when they evade an attack. Her attacks are also incredibly weak, and while her special can be timed mid-air for better placement, it can be easily blocked and barely damages anything that her projectiles manage to hit. She also has very poor health, which when coupled with her poor damage output and standard evasion, makes her almost useless in any situation.

When placed in a deck with Special El Dorado, they form the "Dancing Brave" team, lowering their AP costs by 10%.


Close Range

Attribute grenade (Spread) - Slashes enemies before jumping backwards.

Long Range

Attribute grenade (Spread) - Leaps and spins towards enemies, using her scimitars to damage them.


Attribute grenade (Spread) - Jumps in the air and uses her scimitar to send colorful projectiles at enemies. Number of projectiles increased with MSA Skill small + 4.



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