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The airplane crash site is a zone outside a city on the mountains and the second mission in Metal Slug 3. It is where Mission 2: Russia Wandering at Midnight takes place.

As the name implies, the player will travel through a crash site where a zombie outbreak has occured. Survivors can be found scattered through the area and they will become zombies as well if they enter in contact with the rotten fluids that these creatures spit from their bodies. The player himself can become a zombie too if touched by such substance.

As more area is covered through the stage, there is an option to take an alternative path by entering the "Ice man" cave. Many Sasquatches can be found inside. After reaching the end and finding that the path is blocked by an avalanche, a u-turn travel must be made riding a Elephant Slug while facing more hordes of zombies and Tar Man.

On the end of the stage the player will discover that a strange alien device known as The Ten Commandments of Moses is the responsible of the zombie outbreak (and perhaps as well the reason of why the airplane crashed).

The crash site seems to be located in Russia, as there are Russian T-54A Tanks parked near the The Ten Commandments of Moses.

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