The Airplane Crash Site is a location in Metal Slug 3, where the second mission Wandering at Midnight takes place.


The crash site unfortunately happens to be near the epicenter of zombie outbreak, triggered by the activation of a strange alien device named The Ten Commandments of Moses. Survivors of the plane crash can be found scattered throughout the area; if the player fails to act accordingly, pre-exisiting zombies will turn them into zombies themselves, infecting other survivors who happen to be near them at the first opportunity afterward. Players can turn into zombies upon contact with the infectious fluids thrown at them by enemy zombies as well.

Halfway through the area, players can opt for entering the "Ice Man" cave, where Sasquatches can be found inside. After reaching the end and finding that the path is blocked by an avalanche, a U-turn travel must be made riding a Elephant Slug while facing more hordes of zombies, the Tar Men among them, who have brutally killed any and all remaining Sasquatches in the cave.

Towards the end of the stage, players come across zombie soldiers and scientists before facing off The Ten Commandments of Moses, which is responsible for the infection (and most likely the plane crash as well).



The zombified player using the "blood wave" attack.

NG MetalSlug3-22

The player riding an Elephant Slug on his way out of the cave.


  • The crash site seems to be located in Russia, as there are Russian T-54A Tanks parked near The Ten Commandments of Moses.
  • Oddly enough, zombies never attack Rebel soldiers during one of the mini-fights in the level.

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