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Aeshi Nero

The Aeshi Nero is the second boss from Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X.


The Aeshi Nero is a weird gigantic excavator with an appearance resembleing that of a cobra. Designed to travel through the underground,it is used by the rebels. In its mouth there is a missile launcher that allows the excavator to fire homing missiles. The excavator's primary weapon is a large laser cannon inside its mouth that allows it to fire a powerful laser cannon that is strong enough to break through the hard stone layer. It is also used to create large caverns for the rebel's base.


You fight this boss in a tower inside a tomb, with it digging through and suddenly appearing from the bottom. Whenever you climb, it will also follow you, while launching missiles and electric balls. It will also intermittently charge and fire its laser cannon that will go up the entire tower, the laser are extremely fast, forcing you to go to the edge of a wooden platform to avoid it. The missiles and electrics are easy to dodge, but the fact that you are in a limited space and can fall to your death if you weren't careful tends to make this boss a bit hard. Also, it may suddenly crawl up and electrocute you with energy sparks, so keep on jumping up. Having Slugnoid will make the battle much shorter. However, losing the slug can make this fight quite annoying, as you have to constantly jump and shoot down. Sometimes a Rocket Launcher or a heavy MG box will drop down, however they may fall on inside this boss's mouth, making the retrieval process difficult.

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