Abul Abbas is a minor antagonist who appears in Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X. He is the leader of the Arabian revolutionaries, having made an alliance with Donald Morden. He has an indomitable fighting spirit, but tends to withdraw when things get rough.

Character Summary

He appears commanding the Arabians soldiers to fight, but when he see his soldiers defeated, he retreats. He appears 2 times commanding soldiers, and 1 more time while the player is fighting against The Keesi. In Metal Slug X, the Iron Nokana replaces The Keesi.

He only orders the vehicle and when the Keesi/Iron Nokana is destroyed, he takes out a white flag and surrenders.

He is a playable character in Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.

Abul apparently has a good sense of smell, being able to detect Eri even though she was hiding.


Abul Abbas makes several appearances in Another Story.



  • In Metal Slug X, if the Iron Nokana is destroyed just as it fires its cannon, Abul will be killed.
  • The Elite Arabian Soldier uses a customized model of Abul; the only differences are the color of their attire and their attacks.
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