Absolute Thick Forest is the first mission from Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001.

Mission Briefing

Most of the mission is filled by rebel soldiers, with few vehicles here and there. Since it's the first mission from the very first game, it's very easy, serving more as a introduction to the game. Lots of Heavy Machine Gun ammo are scattered through the stage, as well as prisoners, who are very visible, making it even more easy.

Mission Walkthrough

In the first part of the mission you're in some sort of ancient ruins. Soon you will see the wrecked Middle-Son 1999. Some fanatic infatry are there hanging around, so the best way to finish them is by slicing them with the knife. There is a Flame Shot crate, but it's better to keep the HMG since this stage is very generous on it. After the Middle-Son, a R-Shobu will show up, just shoot him while dodgin his bombs.

In the second part you go through a river inside the forest. More infatries will appear. You can shoot the yellow barrels to explode the buildings and drop the big rocks over the soldiers. You will reach the first Metal Slug, and two soldiers throwing grenades from a building. As you kill both, another R-Shobu appears. Defeating it make it crash onto the building, revealing a TNT barrel being protected by some bazooka soldiers.

In the last part you finally reach a waterfall, where are two Girida-O. After them is the boss of the stage, the Tetsuyuki.

Prisoner Locations

Location Reward
Left POW: Medal

Right POW: Heavy Machine Gun

Heavy Machine Gun
Bomb Crate
Both POWs: Small Medal
Both POWs: Small Medal
Left POW: Bomb Crate

Right POW: Rocket Launcher

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