Abigail is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.

Character Summary

Abigail is a female officer of the Rebel Army, who relies on laser-using drones in combat. At some point in the war between the Regular and Rebel armies, she apparently fell in love with Trevor Spacey - her face turns red when thinking about him. She seems to place a higher priority on her duties than her feelings, since despite her feelings for Trevor she continued to serve in the Rebel Army.

Compared Allen O'Neil and Allen Jr. who seem to be relaxed, Abigail maintains a serious tone when talking to Morden, such as respecting him as a superior officer. She is unnerved when she sees others speaking casually with Morden (e.g Allen O'Neil), and will destroy anything that threatens or belittles Morden. While it is unknown when she joined, she maintains a higher rank than Allen.

She also has a younger sister, Beatriz, who is also another officer of the Rebel Army.


First appearing in the Extra Ops "Sand Locker", she is assigned to locate Allen Jr.'s after he failed his mission and had gone missing in a desert. At the desert she found the Ptolemaic's Sandmarine. Thinking that he was in there, she blasted a hole in the Sandmarine with a laser, but only found a POW riding a motorbike instead. The POW escaped and heads to Trevor's location, where he was stuck in the desert. She spots Trevor and wanted to go to him, but her attack made the Sandmarine spot and attack her. After a decisive one on one battle, she finally destroys the Sandmarine, but Trevor was already gone. Whether or not she finds Allen Jr. remains unknown.

She later makes another appearance in the Extra Ops "Queens Battle", where she is fighting a Jupiter Queen but struggles to defeat it. Her sister, Beatriz, is informed of this and arrives. With her sister's help, they take down the Jupiter Queen. After their victory, Trevor speeds through on a POW motorbike, causing Abigail to blush.

Sometime after these events, an Iron Nokana was built specifically for Abigail, which she called the Spacey Nokana.

Another Story

Abigail makes multiple appearances in Another Story, though with a minor appearance in most of them.

Guilty Child

Her first major appearance is in "Guilty Child", where Morden reluctantly allows her to oversee the trade with their client, the Amadeus Syndicate. When he dismisses her, she is unnerved when Allen O'Neil walks in and seemingly disrespects Morden by not saluting and addressing him. When she leaves, Morden tells Allen to go with her to ensure she does not get too aggressive towards the Amadeus Syndicate.

At the meeting zone, she waits for the Amadeus Syndicate to arrive and orders her soldiers to take position. She notices Allen and asks him what he is doing here, believing that he came along because he is stupid. Allen tells her that she should wonder why he was sent along. When the Amadeus robots arrive, they start firing on the rebels, to which she calmly orders the soldiers to attack.

Allen accompanies her on the way to the Amadeus headquarters to find out what has happened. On the way, they encounter multiple Mecha Allens and Morden Robots. In the first encounter, when an unknown AI talks with a girl's voice, she presumes it to be a simple voice modifier. This is proven wrong in the second encounter where the voice reappears. Allen saves her from an exploding Morden Robot and the two continue on their way.

When they arrive, Abigail prepares to punish the confused soldiers. Allen stops her, telling her that they should hear them out first. The soldiers take the two to their leader, Amadeus. She asks him why he sent robots at her, confusing him. Amadeus shows her that he controls all the robots, before the unknown voice reappears again. The AI reveals herself and likes the rebel officers, forcibly placing Amadeus into a Mother Computer to fight them. After the battle, White Baby leaves to get better "toys". Amadeus tells her about White Baby's origins and purpose, to which she vows to destroy it, as the world is for Morden alone and anything threatening him must be eliminated.

Returning to rebel headquarters, she informs Morden of the events. When Morden is casually talking with Allen, Abigail arrives and is annoyed with Allen's casual attitude towards Morden. She later tells Allen that she saw his son and how it's a shame that he follows him, prompting a quick backlash from the sergeant.


  • Her usual Metal Slug Attack victory pose has her laughing at an opponent's destroyed base (like most Rebel Army infantry). She switches to a blushing animation if Trevor is included in either deck (either normal, motorbike or Special Trevor)



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