09 March 2016

  • 5 new Units: MSA faction Rebel Army Hairbuster Riberts, MSA faction Independent Mecha Allen, MSA faction Ptolemaic Army MG Unit, MSA faction Regular Army SV-Camel, MSA faction Aliens Winged Invader.
  • "Multiple feature updates," including:
    • In Attack!:
      • Rare Boss' remaining time is displayed.
      • Day Specific Mission refresh time has been moved from 0000 to 0400 hours server time (day reset). A newly opened DSM now shows a flashing red "Emergency" warning.
    • Menu navigation improvements:
      • An option to go directly to the Main Menu from certain menus has been added, as well as accessing Customize Unit from the Mystery Crank.
      • An option to see one's own item inventory via Customize Unit has been added.
      • Treasure Hunt icon in the main menu now shows whether an ongoing search is complete.
      • The Backup/Attack tab in the Message now shows which instances are no longer valid.
    • Enemy HP in Guild Raids has been increased by an awful lot.
    • Opponents' Online Ranks are now displayed in the Battle and Team Battle.
    • In Online a notification now pops up whenever a new Rank is reached.
  • "Several bug fixes," including:
    • 5 Medals (the description still says 10) are given for every 5 victories in Online now, as opposed to every 10.

15 March 2016

Metal Slug Attack Patch Notes
2016 1.5.0 (10 May) | 1.4.0 (21 April) | 1.3.0 (04 April) | 1.2.0 (24 March) | 1.1.0 (09 March) | 1.0.4 (21 February) | 1.0.2 (14 February - release)

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